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PIASAPolish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America (New York, NY)
PIASAPacific Islands Air Services Agreement
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Last season, Harrisburg took on Piasa Southwestern at the Civic Memorial Shootout losing 59-42 and snapped an 11-game Bulldog winning streak.
D scholars is a great achievement of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), signifying that PIASA is literary working for the development of the Country in Agriculture Sector.
In a public referendum on April 4, 2017, residents of Piasa Township Sanitary District voted in favor of dissolving the sewer district, and supported a sale of the wastewater system to Illinois American Water.
and the real estate housing Piasa's main production site and headquarters, the company said.
Azeem Khan, DG NARC and Rector PIASA while speaking on the occasion said, Pakistan is spending about Rs.11 billion on the import of tomatoes from the neighboring country, adding that if the scientists successfully introduce genetically modified tomatoes that are cold and heat resistant, it would help produce huge tomato crop in the country and help the country to reduce dependence on imports.
The sale of Fantoni's objects marks Piasa's fifth auction of Italian design.
These included the Piasa Bird sulky and gang plows, as well as spring, spike tooth and disc harrows, walking plows, grain drills, Hancock disc plows, Faultless gas engines, a wide array of planters and cultivators, windmills and horse powers, wagons and buggies, harness, all kinds of hay tools, grinders, corn shellers, dirt scrapers, fencing, and even shoe repair kits, sewing machines, kitchen cabinets and stoves.
Piasa, dragon con cuerpo de pajaro, cola larga de lagartija y cabeza humana--descrito en el siglo XVII--
Lewis and Clark Community College (Ill.) and the Sierra Club's Piasa Palisades Group welcomed Robert Criss, a professor of earth and planetary sciences at Washington University, who spoke on "The Unintended Impacts of River Structures." Almost all reaches of the giant Mississippi-Missouri fiver system have undergone massive engineering projects, but the types of structures vary regionally.
The Pharmaceutical Industry Association of South Africa (Piasa) recently warned of a waste of scarce resources should the government go ahead with a plan for a state-run pharmaceutical company.
The need to develop efficient, competitive air services was recognised by Ministers; the Pacific Islands Air Services Agreement (PIASA) was identified as a means to achieve this end (77).
The highlight of the auction was an original two-page spread of the 1939 comic 'King Ottokar's Sceptre', which sold for just under $300,000 - a record for this particular work, according to organisers the Piasa auction house.