PIATCOPhilippine International Air Terminals Co
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The appellate court, in its amended decision, reversed its order for Piatco to pay the government $6 million in arbitration costs for the legal dispute involving the contracts for the construction and development of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) Terminal 3.
Alvarez said that aside from the allegations against Serenos income derived as member of the governments counsel, the PIATCO case has nothing to do with the impeachment case against her.
The company said the payment is in keeping with the Philippine Supreme Court's decision that stipulated the government of the Philippines must pay compensation because it declared the concession contract with PIATCO null and void.
The LN, based on computerized third party information, showed that PIATCO did not declare all its purchases in 2011 resulting in the under declaration of income.
'CJ Sereno is not a party to the case, which is between the government and PIATCO,' he stressed in a text message.
Hans Arthur Vogel and Bernd Struck, a director and a consultant at Piatco, have been accused of conspiring with three Filipino colleagues and government officials to add "onerous provisions" to that contract, such as a provision for the government to pay Piatco PHP180m if the contract was nullified.
(Piatco), and PAGSS, adding the company 'brings decades of experience in ground handling for the benefit of airline passengers.'
It was earlier ruled by the International Court of Arbitration that Piatco will shoulder the costs of the case, amounting to $24 million.
(Piatco), builder of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3; for stating in her personal data sheet (PDS) that she was deputy commission of the Commission on Human Rights, a title subsequently clarified as being only a functional title; and for committing tax fraud when she failed to truthfully declare her income.
The same article also accused her of failing to declare in her 2006 and 2009 SALN, the P13.8 million she earned as legal counsel in the PIATCO cases and for failing to file her SALN 17 times.
Irrespective of the new award, Fraport AG will continue to pursue its interests in cooperation with the Philippine project company PIATCO, in which Fraport is a shareholder.
The Supreme Court in the Philippines has ruled that the 1997 contract with Philippine International Air Terminals Co (Piatco) to build and operate the terminal was void because Piatco had insufficient funds.