PIAVPersonal Interests, Attitudes and Values (Assessment)
PIAVPersonal Interests, Attitudes, and Values
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He has been working with contractors for 15 years and uses the DISC, a behavioral profiling tool used since 1945 on about 20 million people, and the PIAV, a 20 year-old personal interests, attitudes, and values assessment that measures why people act the way they do and what drives them.
Very quickly, often within hours if they're taken online, assessment tools like the DiSC and the PIAV provide detailed behavioral and values feedback to help build productive teams, develop effective leaders, train sales threes, improve customer service, and ease frustrations and interpersonal conflict.
They wonder how answering a short question set (24 questions for DISC; 12 for PIAV) can pinpoint their operating style.
"We wrestled with things like, 'Is this manipulation?' But it's good manipulation" says Mark Scott, of Mark IV Builders, Bethesda, Md., who has worked with Ruhmann Associates of Raleigh, N.C., for seven years on DiSC and PIAV assessments.
But working with DiSC and PIAV assessments, Hannan learned Almendarez's communication style, which was very unlike those of his younger superintendents.
And, while they communicate differently, in an ideal situation the PIAV can tell if they all value the same things.
The DISC, he says, is not enough, and that's where the PIAV comes in--telling him what drives and motivates people.
"DISC is like an X ray; the PIAV is like the genetic pattern of a person," he says.