PIBBYPut It in Blacks' Backyards
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Robert Bullard uses this language throughout his work (Bullard 2000: 88, 2005), and he and Beverly Wright coined the acronym PIBBY (Put In Black People's Yards) to describe institutional responses to the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) movement (Bullard and Wright 1986).
The authors explain that "sociologist Robert Bullard termed this practice of placing hazardous facilities in black communities, away from white middle class ones, as 'the PIBBY principle,' or 'place in blacks' backyards.'"
"PIBBY principle"--"Place in Blacks' Back yard."(105) Thus, Say Many in the environmental justice movement, "[i]t is because the law works for white middle-class communities that it does not work for the poor, or for people of color."(106)