PIBDPropriété Industrielle Bulletin Documentaire (French: Industrial Property Bulletin Documentary)
PIBDPartially Ionized Beam Deposition
PIBDPoint Initiated, Base Detonated (tank ammunition)
PIBDPoint Initiating, Base Detonating Projectile
PIBDPaucity of Interlobular Bile Ducts (pathology)
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The AC report said the Punjab government had sold land to PIBD in 1979-80 through a conveyance deed by receiving its payment wherein PIBD established KSML.
PIBD is an effective technique for relieving the most devastating symptom of pruritus in PFIC.
Pruritus can be relieved by PIBD. It is a modification of the previous procedures in which a stoma was formed for external drainage or an internal diversion was achieved by terminal ileal bypass.
In all patients PIBD was done by cholecystojejunocolic anastomosis.
Tenders are invited for Up gradation of link roads PIBD Funds of Assembly Constituency Sanour M.C.
Tenders are invited for Fuze 40Mm Pibd (Empty) For 40Mm Amn Qty.