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Fijate que en las boleterias, donde estan los pibes mangueando a la gente, no hay policias.
So the game continued, the Paraguayans without defenders--all of them playing as forwards, besieging us, and all our attackers converted into defenders, closing the barrier, a wall of feet and legs and bodies and heads, except for Pibe Cabriola, waiting there outside the perimeter of the happenings, as had been decided, like I already said, by Doctor Tabare Pereda, the coach brought in from Uruguay.
It was the imaginative, lively nature of Pibe Bach's performances, as well as the similarities between the instruments they play and traditional Libyan instruments, that led to Pibe Bach's selection for the trip.
When he was nicknamed El Pibe de Oro - the Golden Child - back in 1979, he helped Argentina capture the Under-19 World Cup title there.
"Unless somebody gets him some serious professional help, he will die," said former Barcelona team-mate Julio Alberto, echoing the fears of most Argentinians who still worship Diego as their "Pibe de Oro".
Those were different times when we played," said the legendary midfielder, nicknamed 'El Pibe' (the kid) in his native country.