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PIBORParis Interbank Offered Rate (interest-rate futures options)
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Basic servicesHe said the government was already preparing the new site to ensure the basic services such as roads, water, health and schools before the people moved in.The official also pointed out that the oil exploration had halted the MSF project of constructing a referral hospital in Pibor town.
Pibor, which sits in Boma state of South Sudan, has also seen food availability plummet after pests and flooding destroyed harvests.
"The patrols are being conducted daily, both on foot and vehicles, moving beyond the boundaries of both Pibor and Gumuruk towns and covering a radius up to 18 kilometers so far," the statement said.
Le bilan pourrait encore s'alourdir, "nous sommes en train de chercher les morts et blesses," a mis en garde un habitant, Peter Gazulu, par ailleurs ex-commissaire aux droits de l'Homme du comte de Pibor.
Last February 2016 the MSF clinic in Pibor was looted and five people had been killed during clashes in Pibor town between the South Sudanese army (SPLA) and forces loyal to the former administrator of the area, David Yau Yau.
"Mabior escaped from the hands of those criminals in the areas of Pibor and walked for five days till he reached Makol-cuei village [on Tuesday 30 August]," said Jok Mayom, a relative to the 13 years old boy.
Clashes between SPLA forces and non-state actors, as well as inter-ethnic conflict continued in Pibor Jonglei
"Nous avons deploye un bataillon a Pibor pour aider le gouvernement a proteger les civils", a-t-elle declare, ajoutant que les Nations unies avaient commence a larguer de la nourriture par avion au-dessus de cette ville.
Boma state was in turmoil early this year when elements from the former cobra faction prevented newly appointed governor, Baba Medan Konyi from entering the capital, Pibor. This sparked fighting between the cobra faction and the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) unit inside Pibor town, leading to destructions of markets and civilian houses.