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PICAPosterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery
PICAPicatinny Arsenal
PICAPrudential Insurance Company of America
PICAProject Interface Control Agreement
PICAPortland Institute for Contemporary Art
PICAPublications in Construction and Agriculture (Association of Equipment Manufacturers)
PICAPodiatry Insurance Company of America (Franklin, TN)
PICAPacific Islanders' Cultural Association
PICAPower Industry Computer Applications (Conference)
PICAPicosecond Imaging Circuit Analysis
PICAPacific Institute of Culinary Arts (British Columbia, Canada)
PICAParasite Infected Cell Agglutination Assay
PICAPolymerization-Induced Colloid Aggregation
PICAProfessional Investigating & Consulting Agency, Inc. (Tampa, FL)
PICAPrograma de Investigacion de Cultivos Andinos (Peru)
PICAPlum Island Community Airfield, Inc (Massachusetts, USA)
PICAPrimary Inventory Control Activity/Agent
PICAPreliminary Inventory Control Activity
PICAProcedures for Inventory Control Afloat
PICAPorch Index Communication Abilities
PICAPrime Interest/Coordinating/Action
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Although pica is most commonly observed in young children, it sometimes is seen in pregnant women (1) Pica frequently is associated with other mental disorders, such as pervasive developmental disorder and mental retardation, (1) and can be associated with premorbid psychosis and anxiety disorders.
Opacities on plane X-ray abdomen seen in the gastrointestinal system with pica can be confused with renal and bladder stones in KUB.
Medics see severe pica as a symptom of something else.
pica was compared between sampling stations using The Mann Whitney U test, and used the Spearman and Pearson correlation to find associations between them and physicochemical variables.
The study's overall findings underscore the importance of paying close attention to key indicators of iron deficiency anemia, including low mean corpuscular volume and various forms of pica syndrome.
Haematological estimations were carried out in 17 pica affected and 6 healthy buffaloes before and after completion of trial using haemo-analyzer and various serum biochemical parameters were estimated by using standard diagnostic kits on biochemical analyzer.
"Pica is likely, but we need to carry out further research.
However, treating patients with pica may not be as common.
The magpie pica pica, belonging to the family corvidae along with other members of the crow family, has carnivorous tendencies.
People who swallow non-food objects suffer from what is called pica, a mental disorder usually diagnosed in children but now addressed by the medical and psychiatric community as a disorder that can still be present or develop later in life.