PICDPartners in Community Development (Rochester, NY)
PICDParticipatory Integrated Community Development
PICDPublic Interest Career Day (college event)
PICDPaper and Ink Centre for Design (Chandigarh, India)
PICDPresenile Idiopathic Cognitive Decline
PICDPrimary Irritant Contact Dermatitis (dermatology)
PICDPlatform Interface Control Document
PICDProjecto de Intervenção do Chafariz de Dentro (Lisboa, Portugal)
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PICD is associated with marked activation of renin angiotensin aldosterone system and is associated with renal impairment, re-accumulation of ascites and shortened survival.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of low dose albumin use for the prevention of PICD related renal impairment following large volume paracentesis in cirrhosis.
LVP in cirrhotic patients with ascites without volume expansion leads to complex circulatory abnormalities termed PICD which is clinically manifested by renal impairment, reaccumulation of ascites and shortened survival.
Various agents have been tried post LVP albeit with variable success to prevent PICD related complications mainly the renal impairment.
The integral part in diagnosing PICD is increase in serum renin levels observed 5-6 days after paracentesis; since our study was retrospective we could not obtain serum renin levels in our patients.
The CABG group showed PICD in seven of 10 tests as compared with the healthy controls.