PICESNorth Pacific Marine Science Organization
PICESPurdue Interdisciplinary Center for Ecological Sustainability (Purdue University; Indiana)
PICESPacific International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
PICESPerformance and Innovation in the State Revolving Fund Creating Environmental Success (EPA)
PICESProcessor Independent Correlation Exploitation System
PICESPeak Isometric Cervical Extension Strength
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Hai, child!' He threw it a pice. 'Sweetmeats are always sweet.' And as the little figure capered away into the sunshine: 'They grow up and become men.
DOHA THE Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE), a professional organisation in the Philippines dating back to the 1970s, has 1,500 members in Qatar and continues to increase in number.
PICE Qatar Chapter, or simply PICE-Qatar, is at the forefront of furthering the development of Filipino civil engineers in the country through education and training programmes on newly-established engineering information communication and technology.