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"Did you not pick our lunch-boxes and dinner-pails?
"I knew it was against the Law, but I wanted to save Unc Nunkie and I was afraid if I asked your consent to pick it you would refuse me."
and I wouldn't like it to get out; but there ain't only just the one way: we got to dig him out with the picks, and LET ON it's case-knives."
Athelny, who had been busy for half an hour and had already emptied a basket into the bin, and with his cigarette between his lips began to pick. He asserted that he was going to pick more than anyone that day, but mother; of course no one could pick so much as mother; that reminded him of the trials which Aphrodite put upon the curious Psyche, and he began to tell his children the story of her love for the unseen bridegroom.
"The bones that I bury," said the Physician, "are those that I can no longer pick."
"I think I shall keep this Wizard until a new Sorcerer is ready to pick, for he seems quite skillful and may be of use to us.
Dropping the hammer and pipe-wrench, but retaining pick and shovel, he climbed up the slide to where a vague line of outputting but mostly soil-covered rock could be seen.
"I'm so glad you picked tonight for a call," she said gaily.
We had scarcely any at first, but Trent found 'em somehow, Kru boys and native Zulus and broken-down Europeans - any one who could hold a pick. More came every day, and we simply cut our way through the country.
They came compactly, as if with discipline, while behind, disorderly, yelling confusedly, stooping to pick up rocks, were seventy-five or a hundred of the striking shopmen.
They were too much absorbed in hating themselves -- hating the ill luck that made them take the spade and the pick there.
With the words he raised his pick above his head, and, with a mighty blow, he buried the point in Snipes' brain.