PICMEPlatform for Integrated Clone Management
PICMEProcess Industry Centre for Manufacturing Excellence (UK)
PICMEPrinceton Institute for Continuing Medical Education
PICMEPhysician Initiated Continuing Medical Education
PICMEPolitical Intelligence Centre Middle East
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Stage C: learning from the evaluation of the PICME effort.
3) Many accredited CME providers have developed PICME activities that meet the MOC Part IV criteria for ABPN.
We used PICME 2008 data on the number of people served by each CWS to calculate the population size in each exposure category during 1999 to 2001.
Lucy and Jonathan were among a lucky few who will now appear each day, when Nick Jr presents a new five-minute PICME adventure featuring a different child.
PICME, the brainchild of John Rice from Abbeydorney, Co Kerry, uses photos of real children blended with wacky cartoon animals.
The funding that the DTI is providing over the next four years will allow PICME to step up its efforts.
The unique PICME identification numbers generated by this system for each registered woman will be used to link this database with another dealing with eligibility for the Maternity Benefit Scheme.
In response, PICME has established two extra offices in the most active regions and is planning a third Centre for the short-term with yet more satellite offices for next year.
Established by the Chemical Industries Association and the DTI, PICME has built up a list of blue chip clients and mid-sized companies.
Watts, 38, joins PICME from a Johnson & Johnson company, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics and Cavanagh.
The Process Industries Centre for Manufacturing Excellence, PICME, has appointed Michael J Glass as its first senior manufacturing improvement advisor.
Industry Minister Alan Johnson pledged wholehearted Government support for the new Process Industries Centre for Manufacturing Excellence, PICME, launched at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recently.