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PIDEPpl Integrated Development Environment
PIDEPortable Interface Display Environment
PIDEPolícia de Intervenção e Defesa do Estado (Portuguese Secret Police under Salazar regime)
PIDEPakistan Institute for Development Economics
PIDEParabolic Integro-Differential Equation
PIDEPhoto-Ionization Detector Electrometer
PIDEPacked Identification Error (MPEG2)
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GRIPS aspires to attain the top position among the community of Policy Training Institutes in Asia and was thus desirous to expand its collaboration with PIDE a premier institute of Pakistan.
PIDE Launched the said report on the occasion of signing ceremony of memorandum of understanding (MoU) between PIDE and Pakistan poverty alleviation fund (PPAF) here on Wednesday.
The subject of these pages is personal reminiscence of my days at the PIDE during the early years of its development.
Since the PIDE archives in Mozambique and Angola had been destroyed on the eve of independence in 1975, I was surprised that copies of my files had been sent to Lisbon, those relating to Mozambique dating back to 1953--soon after PIDE offices had been established there.
For the PIDE agent Leonardo, the radio news of the military uprising of April 1974 in faraway Lisbon spells his doom.
Country Director UNICEF, Angela Kearney, Vice Chancellor PIDE, Dr.
5 percent inflation target for the ongoing fiscal year but the PIDE survey revealed that there has been strong upward pressure on inflation in Pakistan mainly because of unrestrained government borrowing from the central bank as well as from commercial banks and the unending energy crises and its rising cost.
The great interest of academicians and researchers and the hard work of PIDE staff have provided the critical impetus to keep the society vibrant and maintain the high standards.
He expressed these views while chairing 10th meeting of Senate PIDE here .
The land would be offered to PIDE near Murree Road, Bhara Khau VC said, and it will give us Rs 500 million in return.
In Augsust, the services of PIDE were sought by the Pakistani Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources in Islamabad to conduct a detailed analysis of the petroleum marketing business in this direction.
According to PIDE Inflation Expectations Survey of June 2011, people are expecting high inflation and high unemployment.