PIDEAPackaging and Interconnection Development for European Applications
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This work was partially founded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce in the frame of the project PROFIT SANTTRA (Sistema de Antenas para Transceptores de Radio, Ref: FIT-330210-2006-44) based on the European project PIDEA EUREKA SMART (Smart Antennas System for Radio Transceivers).
The Spanish initiative aims to show investors the yields possible from investment by Eureka participants, notably in helping to launch the production of their new products.The past twelve months has also seen the launch of new projects as strategic initiatives, and the regrouping of existing projects:- 26 MEDEA+ projects (microelectronics - MEDEA+ took over from MEDEA in January of this year)- 11 projects for EUROFOREST (agri-technologies)- 10 projects for MEDEA- 9 projects for ITEA (information technologies)- 3 projects for PIDEA (interconnection technologies and electronic component assembly)- 2 projects for EURIMUS (microsystems)- 2 projects for SCARE (recycling of electronic appliances)
MEDEA+ (silicon-based systems innovation for the electronic economy) will therefore be the third strategic project in the micro-electronics sector and will contribute to the maintenance of three other strategic ICT projects: ITEA (software development), PIDEA (development of interconnection and conditioning technologies) and EURIMUS (systems design).Eureka continues to enjoy the support of small and medium-sized enterprises: almost 43% of the 160 new projects are led by SMEs, 22% by and group and 35% by a University or research centre.