PIDERPrograma de Inversiones Para el Desarrollo Rural (Spanish, Mexico)
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In contrast, the final lines of The Wanderer pronounce "Wel bio bam be him are seceo, / frofre to faeder on heofonum, paer us eal seo faestnung stondeo" (114-15; It goes well for him who seeks favor for himself, comfort from the father in heaven, where all stability remains for us), and the conclusion of The Seafarer calls on readers to "hycgan hwaer we ham agen, / ond bonne gepencan hu we pider cumen" (117-18; consider where we possess a home, and then consider how we might come thither).
117b), and then think how we can get there ("hu we pider cumen," l.
The International Program on Sustainable Regional Development (PIDER).
35) for herodem his faeder ne durste pider gangan ??
This Dictionary's definitions, as always, stimulate the reader to think about the way language works: the function of and in hider and pider and daeges and nihtes is said to express 'completeness by contrast'; and, when and joins two verbs, the first may introduce the purpose of the action of which the second is the consequence: ic com to secenne.
Mexico launched the Program for Rural Development Investments (PIDER) in 1973.
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