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PIDFPresence Information Data Format
PIDFPars Industrial Development Foundation (Iranian automobile company)
PIDFPublic Islamic Dividend Fund (Malaysia)
PIDFPartners in Development Foundation (Honolulu, HI)
PIDFParis Ile-de-France Region
PIDFPrudential ICICI (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India) Discovery Fund
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Francois Martel was of the view that the cooperation between COMSATS and PIDF was a key step for South-South Cooperation.
She held a strong association with the Forum since inception and welcomed the development of the cooperation between COMSATS and PIDF as a positive step to explore possible areas for collaboration.
22) Examples taken from DFIIF, VDLI, DFPEAC, DFPEAC, DdPI, DIID, GWE and PIDF.
The PIDF is maturing rapidly, with a membership that reflects the breadth and richness of Pacific Island cultures, economies and experiences.
They held discussions on the PIDFs work and agenda under the new Secretary General.
The two sides agreed to begin work immediately on a Memorandum of Understanding that will provide for collaboration between the parties for signing at the Third PIDF Leaders Summit in August this year.
Pacific leaders at the PIDF Inaugural Meeting in 2013 identified greater use of renewable energy sources as one of the priorities of the PIDF.
Speaking about the meeting the Deputy Secretary General of the PIDF Mr Penijamini Lomaloma said:
This is the approach PIDF has been tasked to bring to the Pacific and we are pleased that we can discuss today how we can do all this with the support of IFAD, he added.
Mr Teo also briefed the meeting on the partnership that PIDF had established with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature to collaborate in the area of fisheries in the Pacific.
The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono - who delivered the keynote address - said that Indonesia has a strong commitment to broaden its network of cooperation with PIDF countries to mitigate the impact of climate change.
Acknowledging the donation on behalf of the PIDF and the Pacific, the Acting Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Litia Mawi said that she was pleased to accept the vehicle on behalf of the PIDF and the Pacific.