PIDGPre-Insulated Diamond Grip
PIDGProportional, Integral, and Differential Gain
PIDGPrivate Infrastructure Development Group
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A Dfid spokesman said: "Britain's investment in PIDG has helped to create 200,000 jobs and driven PS6.
oxysporum was apparently through the production of volatile compounds as indicated by the PIDG values of double plate assay (Table 1).
05) PIRG = Percentage inhibition of radial growth; PIDG = Percentage inhibition of diameter growth
Technical Adviser to the PIDG Trust~s Technical Assistance Facility a facility designed to provide grants to support project development or financing facilities operating under the PIDG Trust auspices.
Funded by: Private Infrastructure Development Group Trust - PIDG
PIDG wishes to commission a Consultant to undertake an Evalualability Assessment of Green Africa Power LLP.
Tenders are invited for PIDG - Other community, social and personal services
The PIDG~s members, who are all governmental or publicly funded entities, donate funds to the PIDG Trust, which in turn allocates capital to various vehicles and facilities, each with a well-defined purpose in support of the PIDG~s overall objectives.