PIDPPacific Islands Development Program (est. 1980)
PIDPProgram in International Development Policy (Duke University degree program)
PIDPProgrammable Indicator Data Processor
PIDPProvincial Instructor Diploma Program (instructor training required by colleges in British Columbia, Canada)
PIDPPhilippine International Driving Permit
PIDPPersonal Identity Development Process (training program)
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NIA Administrator Peter Tiu Lavina said in a statement that the agency received a letter from the Neda Investment Coordination Committee-Cabinet Committee (ICC-CABCOM) approving the request to move the PIDP's closing date to Aug.
First approved in June 2009, PIDP is intended to help improve the delivery of irrigation services 'on a financially and technically sustainable basis that will contribute to increased agricultural production and productivity among beneficiary farmers in irrigated areas.'
The PIDP accounts for a significant contribution in funding the construction of new irrigation facilities and restoration of existing ones that sustain damage from strong typhoons.
O primeiro grupo, composto por quase 30% dos casos, caracterizou-se como muito inovador, sendo integrado por empresas que utilizam tanto as Praticas Inovadoras de Racionalizacao do Trabalho (PIRT) como as Praticas Inovadoras de Desenvolvimento de Pessoas (PIDP) acima da media geral da amostra estudada.
role in shaping the PIDP agenda through annual meetings on the EWC
In 2007, PIDP brought the island leaders to Washington, DC and
[Y.sub.ijklmno] = EPP o PIDP = media general de la EPP o PIDP [A.sub.i] = Efecto fijo del i-enesimo ano de parto de la vaca, variando i de 1 a 10, siendo: 1: (1993); 2: (1994); 3: (1995); 4: (1996); 5: (1997); 6: (1998); 7: (1999); 8: (2000); 9: (2001); 10: (2002).
[E.sub.j] = efecto fijo del i-enesima edad al primer parto, variando j de 1 a 5, siendo: 1: 29-32 meses de edad; 2: 33-36 meses de edad; 3: 37-40 meses de edad; 4: 41-44 meses de edad; 5: mas de 45 meses de edad (considerado para el modelo de PIDP).
Las medias para EPP y PIDP fueron de 38.9 [+ o -] 3.9 meses y 469.2 [+ o -] 9 dias con un coeficiente de variacion del 10 y 17.3 %, respectivamente.
La figura 2 muestra la tendencia del PIDP en las diferentes epocas.
Respecto al PIDP, se han reportado valores superiores al encontrado en este estudio en ganado doble proposito y Cebu (22,23).
Socalo said the PIDP loan agreement should have lapsed in March but WB agreed to extend it until February 2017.