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Local guidelines [the PPS 'Revised Guidelines on Fluid Management of Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever 2012' and PIDSP's 'Clinical Practice Guidelines on Dengue for Children'] on fluid management of children with dengue are available and can be accessed through;
The Philippine Pediatric Society and the PIDSP are in support of making the vaccine available to individuals who will benefit best from this.
But, of course, we know that for every rule that is implemented you have to think through the consequences very well," said PIDSP President Dr.
Measles vaccines are usually given to infants at nine months old, but they can be given as early as six months of age in cases of outbreaks.The PPS and PIDSP also reminded parents that vaccination is a safe and scientifically proven way of fighting deadly and infectious diseases.
During PIDSP's 26th annual convention held last February 21, the doctors launched the "Save The Future" movement to restore the public's confidence and trust in vaccination, alongside the release of the national childhood immunization schedule."Vaccinating our children is one of the most basic medical interventions to ensure that our children develop as healthy adults.
We should take every opportunity to convince and reinforce the message that the vaccines available to prevent diseases are safe and highly effective, and that vaccination remains the main intervention in reducing morbidity and mortality against infectious diseases," said PIDSP president Dr.
PPS and PIDSP remind their members to ensure up-to-date immunization of their patients as part of the primary responsibility.
The PPS and PIDSP also launched the 'Save the Future' campaign, which aims to restore the public's trust in vaccination.
The PPS and PIDSP have asked their members to help spread information that vaccines are safe and highly effective and can reduce morbidity and mortality against infectious diseases.
The PIDSP also noted that mass screening for past dengue exposure is not practical as there is no reliable and widely available test for determining prior dengue exposure and did not recommend it.
The secretary of health announced officially the measles outbreaks and the PIDSP followed suit, both ascribing the phenomenon to the Dengvaxia brouhaha.
PPS and PIDSP reminded pediatricians to ensure up-to-date immunization of their patients as part of the primary responsibility of their individual practices.