PIDTPhraze-It Digital Texting
PIDTProjects in International Development and Training (World Learning, Inc.)
PIDTPost Integration Developmental Test
PIDTPreliminary Integration Development Test
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Thermotrac 3 is an automatic calculation program for mold PIDT control coefficients and is standard on the company's injection presses.
where [DIS.sub.i] is the distance between airport i and its substitution airport (assume that there is only one substitution airport for each i for now), Pidt is the average airfare from the substitution airport (of i) to d at time t, [LEG.sub.idt] is the average number of flight legs (a measure of non-stop service availability) from the substitution airport (of i) to d at time t, and X and (9 are model parameters.
(4) This does not mean that we take the averages of [DIS.sub.i], [P.sub.idt], and [LEG.sub.idt], Instead, we take the averages of Pidt, [DIS.sub.i] + [P.sub.idt], [LEG.sub.idt] and [DIS.sub.i] x [LEG.sub.idt] (i.e., the variables that appear in the actually-estimated regression model).