PIDUPowered Indoor Unit (wireless networking)
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The total number of buses servicing public transport in 2008 thus rose to 122 buses, while the average number of public transport passengers was approximately 74,000 (PIDU, 2009).
buses; the lack of types of road transport such as tramways or trolley buses; the crowding of public transport facilities, especially during peak hours (the departure and arrival of the population from work, of students from school); the lack of lanes specifically designated for local public transport; providing a public transport mode for the only neighborhood that is not serviced by such facilities, namely the Campulung Road neighborhood; the crowding of several crossroads also known as traffic junctions (PIDU, 2009, p.
Table 1 Pitesti--the dynamics of the transport area (Source: GUP) 1995 2009 Transport mode Area (ha) Transport mode Area (ha) Road 113,0 Road 168,07 Rail 66,0 Rail 66,84 Air 118,0 Air 124,83 Incorporated 2270,0 Incorporated 2924,99 Table 2 The dynamics of parking spaces and vehicles--2005-2008 (Source: PIDU, 2009) Year 2005 2006 2007 2008 Total Total number of vehicles 42.350 40.447 73.770 74.000 74.000 New paid parking spaces 425 710 1.050 4.229 6.414 New tax-free parking 1.160 1.215 1.450 2.000 5.818 spaces
In H1N1 patients we collected blood samples using indwelling radial artery catheters in children admitted to the PICU or arterial puncture in children admitted to the PIDU after local painful treatment.
As controls, we used blood radial arterysamples collected from children with the diagnosis of LRTI who had undergone blood sample analysis at the moment of their admission to the PICU or PIDU.
orchestra and chorus of l'Opera National de Lyon, Evelino Pidu, conductor.
Although per capita the living space increased, its value "for each inhabitant is situated below county, regional and national level and well below the average of EU countries, where the surface is 36 sq.m." (PIDU 2009: 95).
The zone is delimited territorial of these traffic arteries--Depozitelor--Dobrogeanu Gherea--Nicolae Balcescu--Bascovului Avenue (PIDU, 2009), and the units include various industries such as textiles, footwear, wood processing, chemical, rubber and plastics, and not least the food industry.
Companies with over 100 employees located in North Industrial Platform (Source: PIDU, 2009).
The Universal Parallel Type PID (PI[D.sub.up]) and the Universal Serial Type PID (PIDus), with a single set of parameters to simplified the use and allow a better understanding of the characteristics of the different commercial PID controllers.