PIECPlanet Immigration & Education Consultancy (Australia)
PIECProvisional Independent Electoral Commission (Gambia)
PIECPredicted Initial Environmental Concentration (ecology)
PIECPacific Islands Environment Conference (US EPA)
PIECProvince Interagency Executive Committee (USDA)
PIECPrincipal Investigator Executive Committee
PIECPublic Issues Education Center (University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service)
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References in classic literature ?
I don't know how long or how short a time I had been playing with the ashes, when my fingers suddenly encountered a piec e of crumpled paper hidden deep among them.
Before Norah could follow her, she had torn the Trust to pieces, and had cast the fragments into the street.
-2 large leeks, white and pale green parts only, halved lengthwise, cut into AaAaAeAe1/2-inch piec
The staircases are shown to have a square number of blocks by cutting them into two pieces that form a square (Figure 4).
Listen, you have broke me to millions pieces. You take my last good years I have in my life--
Conversation with Jerzy Holzer] in Odra 9/1994 ; Wladyka, Wieslaw, 'Piecdziesiat i piec' [Fifty and five] in Polityka, 18/1994; Walicki, Andrzej, 'Demony Peerelu' [Demons of the PPR] in Res Publica Nowa 3/1993; Walicki, Andrzej, Zniewolony umyslpo latach [The captive mind after years] Warszawa: Czytelnik, 1993; Magierska, Anna, Dylematy historii PRL [The dilemmas of the PRL history] Warszawa: Dom Wydawniczy Elipsa, 1995; Kersten, Krystyna, Czy PRL byta panstwem totalitarnym?
(26) dom 'house' (*domb), izba 'room' (*istbba), grod 'fortified settlement' (*gordb 'fence'), krokiew 'rafter' (*krokb 'leg'), piec 'stove' (*pektb 'device for baking'), prog 'threshold' (*porgb), okno 'window' (*okbno), sciana 'wall' (*stena), wieza 'tower' (veza 'tent, yurt, movable shelter'), wrota 'gate' (*vorta), podloga 'floor' (from *podloziti 'to put something under something else'), wrota 'gate' (*vorta), sklepienie 'vault' (*sbklepb 'cellar', sbklepnoti 'to connect')
Sum um um u me mer Me Mead ad adow ow 12-2-2 pi piec ece di di d nn nn nner set et, PS2 PS2 PS2 PS 0.
Pollyanna, (Pense que je rever- sera a le ler drft, the happy gods ou "the happy gods" But that is her way vers avec "Polly- of getting what she wants Habit, but sincerely, while anna" et ou le piec her son is sorry n'avait que un seul not for himself but also stanza.
Dans cette piec, Jelinek traite les conceptions de marketing par la vente des corps et des emotions a travers des evenements sportifs, le tout interprete avec une ingeniosite agacante en interpellant sur l'obsession humaine vouee au fitness et a l'image du corps.