PIFUPlanning Information and Forecasting Unit (Queensland, Australia)
PIFUPopulation Information and Forecasting Unit (Australia)
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This new advancement of increased supply length further contributes to the extensive list of benefits Emtelle PIFU and Multifu offer.
The PIFU and Multifu also allow for 12 fibre placement in the future, enabling operators to upgrade their network and add in more fibre in the future, as end-users' demands evolve and grow.
The advancement of our PIFU & Multifu solutions proves this."
As part of this, the team are continuously working to extend Emtelle's PIFU and Multifu solutions, with further product enhancements planned for this year.
(75.) Hu Jingguang & Chen Xiong, Guangyu zuigao fayuan 6.28 pifu xingzhi de jiexi [Explanation and Analysis of the Nature of the Response of June 28th], 7 SHANDONG SHEHUI KEXUE [SHANDONG SOCIAL SCIENCES] 15 (2005) (opining courts should not have power to interpret Constitution).
Planning Information and Forecasting Unit (PIFU) (2006a) Full-Time Equivalent population estimates for nine Local Government Areas in the Bowen Basin, June 2006.
Planning Information and Forecasting Unit (PIFU) (2006b) Total Residential Land Activity Fact Sheet (various).
Planning Information and Forecasting Unit (PIFU) (2005) Population growth--Highlights and Trends, Central Queensland A New Millennium Region 2000.
Writing related to sales or sales policies includes sales letters, sales qingshi (requests raised by a subordinate), sales pifu (official replies), sales tongzhi (circulars), and sales invitations.
Sales qingshi, sales pifu, and sales tongzhi were used before the beginning of the economic reform in 1978, and this period was characterised by the use of both xiaxing and shangxing genres.
Only sales documents such as sales qingshi (requests), sales pifu (official replies), and sales tongzhi (circulars) were employed.
(55) For similarities and differences between buyi and pifu, see Hong Chengyu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and Zhang Guizhen [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Gu Hanyu tongyi ci bianxi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Hangzhou: Zhejiang jiaoyu chubanshe, 1987), 9-13.