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He suggested that Ndung'u should just be buying weaner piglets and growing them to baconer weight in about five months.The argument appeared logical for Ndung'u because someone else would have fed the pregnant sow and the suckling piglets.
In severe cases, without intervention, the piglets may find it challenging to feed, causing malnutrition, starvation and a higher level of mortality within these litters.
Esterado named the piglet 'Moymay' because she considered the day-old pig a blessing and a source of joy.
In the video, tweeted by Coventry Police, the officer also comments on the piglet's strong smell and warns him "not to bite".
The piglet was causing traffic mayhem before police stepped in to helps.
He acquired breeder hogs to produce his own piglets and grow them for the local market of live hogs.
Influence of piglet birth weight on postnatal growth performance, tissue lipogenic capacity and muscle histological traits at market weight.
His owner Zoe Philpott said: "I noticed that Piglet's bladder was really distended and he was trying his hardest to wee on his litter tray but nothing was happening.
The area was immediately quarantined and the piglet transferred to a lab for tests, which were completed on Sunday afternoon.
Staff made the decision to hand-rear Piglet after his mum ate the rest of her young.
The female piglet, which is described as a black 'iron age' piglet is about the size of a Jack Russell dog.