PIHIPulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging
PIHIPersonally Identifiable Health Information
PIHIPotomac Inline Hockey, Inc. (Chantilly, VA)
PIHIPrimeline International Holdings Inc. (oil and gas industry holding company)
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All of these electronic documents contain Personally Identifiable Health Information (PIHI).
DS-4152 Active Tanaka et al., 1989 Pseudolaric acid B Active Kinghom and Balandrin, 1993 Quercetin Active Ferry et al., 1996 Quinocarmycin Active Fujimoto et al., 1987 Rhizoxin Inactive Kerr et al., 1995 Ricin Active Pihi et al., 1980; Pihl and Fodstad, 1983 Rolliniastatin 2 Active Ahammadasahib et al., 1993 Thiocolchicine Active Kerekes et al., 1985 Trimethyl- Active Ru et al., 1990 colchicinic acid Vincaleukoblastine Active Young et al., 1985 Viscum peptide Active Cassinelli et al., 1986 Vismione A Active Cassinelli et al., 1986 Wortmannin Active Schultze et al., 1995 Table 4 Clinical use of chemically defined molecules a inhibitors of ovarian neoplasia.
Alcohol causes an idiosyncratic violent reaction in some individuals even with a fairly small amount of alcohol (a phenomenon sometimes referred to as pathological intoxication--see discussions by Jacoby & Galanter, 1986; Maletzky, 1976; PihI & Ross, 1987).