PIHOPetroleum Industry Health Organization (Iran)
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While a more comprehensive discussion of daho' piho' or daho' ivun would be desirable, this paper was mainly concerned with entries in Southwell's Kayan-English dictionary (1990), which have not yet been discussed in the pertinent ethnographic literature.
Body terminology is obviously another lexical source for avoidance terms: While kera' 'the neck', as a component of keran parei 'the stalk (or neck) holding ears of rice,' simply designates a part of the rice plant, urung 'the nose' is an avoidance term for 'padi basket.' Notably, daho 'piho' not only provides substitute terms for names of things, or nouns, but also verbs, such as 'to sow' or 'to drink,' and modifiers--adjectives, adverbs, determiners--which refer to the concepts of weight (e.g.
Piho, an Uxbridge resident in Haiti with the Hubbardston-based Mission E4, looked at her arm.
"There is a definite need for plate technology," says Jack Piho, director of refrigeration engineering at Food Engineering Inc.
The creation of the anti-mining group was a result of the recent consultative meeting between the members of The Alyansa ng Novo Vizcayano para sa Kalikasan (ANVIK) and the National Union of Peoples Lawyers (NUPL) Nueva Vizcaya chapter with officials from the Provincial Integrated Health Office (PIHO), Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENARO), Provincial Agriculture Office (PAO) and Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO).
2017-133 changed the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist(OpAg) into Provincial Agricultural Office (PAO), Provincial Treasurerss Office (PTO) into Provincial Treasury (PT), Provincial Assessors Office (PAO) into Provincial Assessment Office (PAO), Provincial Veterinarians Office (PVET) into Provincial Veterinary Services Office (PVSO), Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) into Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENARO) and Provincial Health Office (PHO) into Provincial Integrated Health Office (PIHO).