PIIFProteinase Inhibitor-Inducing Factor
PIIFPacific Islands Investment Facility (International Finance Corporation project)
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PIIF chairman and Samoa National Provident Fund CEO Pauli Prince Suhren said the forum would need to agree on the model for co-investment and has urged governments in the region to support the initiative.
IFC and its sister organization, the World Bank, have been asked by the PIIF to provide technical support in developing options to access co-investment opportunities
'IFC and World Bank were approached by PIIF to offer technical resources and global expertise based on our experience working on similar projects in the past.'
The assistance to PIIF is being supported by the Pacific Partnership, through which the governments of Australia, New Zealand and IFC work to stimulate the private sector and reduce poverty.
As a shariah compliant income fund, PIIF's investable universe of assets is restricted to securities/ counterparties that are approved by the shariah advisor.
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Primer Sequence Orientation PCR product Factor V 220 bp G1691A (a) M5 5'-TGCCCAGTGCTTAACAAGACCA-3' Sense M3 5'-CTTGAAGGAAATGCCCCATTA-3' Antisense M1 5'-GGCGAGGAATACAGGTAT-3'- Sense fluorescein (Mutation probe) M2 5'-LC-Red705-TGTCCTTGAAGTAACC- Sense TTTCAGAAATTCTG-3' PHO (b) (Anchor probe) Prothrombin 291 bp G20210A (c) F2F 5'-CCGCTGGTATCAAATGGG-3' Sense F2R 5'-CCAGTAGTATTACTGGCTCTTCCTG-3' Antisense PIIF 5'-CTCAGCGAGCCTCAATG-3'- Sense fluorescein (Mutation probe) PIIR 5'-LC-Red640-TCCCAGTGCTATTCAT- Sense GGGC-3'-PHO (Anchor probe) (a) GenBank accession no.M17262.