PIIIPentium III Processor (Intel)
PIIIPhase III (clinical studies)
PIIIPlasma Immersion Ion Implanter
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The Breitling family of patents covers the use of full-length pIII phage protein as a scaffold in a phagemid vector, and is one of the fundamental groups of patents for the phagemid display of antibody, antibody fragments and proteins.
Evergreen's new Performa III 1GHz provides the processing power of Intel's full Coppermine PIII core--including the latest MMX and SIMD video enhancement instructions (SSE) and 256K of L2 cache memory--for upgrading early Slot 1 Pentium III and Pentium II systems running at 100MHz front side bus speeds (350MHz and higher).
AGP4X interface Allows graphics controllers to access main memory at over 1Gb/s - double the performance of PIII. Particularly effective with 3D graphics applications
But like the introduction of the 1.13GHz PIII, initial reports indicate that early shipments of the P4 contained chips that were missing some critical code.
Use of a phagemid containing a geneIII-antibody fusion, together with a helper phage, allows a mixture of wild-type pIII and fusion pIII to be displayed on the surface of the phage particle.
Time Computers Ltd, which launched a copycat offer shortly after Tiny, said it has no plans to drop its free PC offer, although evidence suggests that most customers are going for the equivalent discounted PIII offer instead.
Intel designed the PIII chips to aid in corporate computer inventories and improve the authentication process for secure transactions on the Internet, but privacy advocates feared that the feature could easily be used by companies or the government to track a user's Web surfing and buying habits.
PECO II Inc (Nasdaq: PIII), a communications industry power systems and services provider, announced on 23 September that the company has received initial orders for its Quantum Broadband Power System.
"While about half of a PIII's transistors are in logic, Crusoe's are in the translation cache."
Taking advantage of the hooplah over Intel's PIII launch, VA Research Linux Systems has announced that it will be shipping Linux products based on the brand-new microprocessors (see separate story).
The package will include an Elonex PIII laptop, an Epson Colour printer, a range of software, a Fuji digital camera and a 12 month Internet connection.