PIISPosterior Inferior Iliac Spine
PIISPaladin Intelligence and Information Services (Brillstein Security)
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Pigault-Lebrun, Piis, Duvicquet, in their day, were in government employ.
Here in the Philippines, the 23 PIIs are divided into 19 fund managers, three family offices/foundations and one impact-focused high-net worth individual.
Como el Plan CONPES, contemplaba el abastecimiento de la demanda de acero originada en proyectos estatales, impedia las importaciones a precios de dumping, sin embargo, existio una gran brecha entre la intencionalidad del PIIS y sus resultados efectivos de mediano plazo, pues dirigentes del gremio denunciaron que no cesaban las importaciones que desplazaban un importante renglon del mercado nacional:
Under vertical load, the shifts in the fracture gap in Tile C injuries were not limited to vertical (z-axis) shifts but also included rotational (x-axis) and translational (y-axis) shifts.[sup][27] Shifts arising along three axes were calculated, and the shifts in the fracture gap on the level of the PIIS were measured using the grating displacement sensor, which was used to reflect the stability of pelvic fractures fixed with two kinds of internal fixation.
"Non dubito"--"I do not doubt"--it begins, referring to the book's likelihood of attracting a wide readership, but also anticipating hostile readers who will deny the writer's genius and charge him with teaching forbidden things, even laying the seeds of heresy ("haeresium semina jacere"): Non dubito, quin titulus libri nostri raritate sua quamplurimos alliciat ad legendum: inter quos nonnulli obliquae opinionis, mente languidi, multi etiam maligni, et in ingenium nostrum ingraft accedent, qui temeraria sua ignorantia, vix conspecto titulo clamabunt: Nos vetita docere, haeresium semina jacere: piis auribus offendiculo, praeclaris ingeniis scandalo esse.
Computers have grown a few generations during the last two decades, moving from 88 processors to 386, 486 processors to the Pentium Is, PIIs to P4s to laptops and notebooks in the 1990s.
et piis omnibus retinendus animus est in custodia corporis, nec iniussu eius, a quo ille (sc.
For example, the actual rise in the headline and core PIIs for intermediate goods match up quite closely with the point forecast from the model, given the behavior of energy and commodity prices since mid-2009.