PIKTProblem Informant Killer Tool
PIKTProblem Informant/Killer Tool
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The PiKT project pays for the audit and also for project staff to work with the client to make follow-on funding applications to take technology transfer ideas forward.
disse zijn eene `may-have I horse?' `these are ducks' kannie nie ope papa pikt niet `can-it not open' `daddy pricks not' gaatie niet?
doe/doet `do-1/3sg', ga/gaat/gaan `go-1/3sg,1pl', hem/heef(t) `have-1/3sg', ben/is/zijn `be-1/3sg,1pl', kan `can-1/3sg', kom(t) `come-1/3g', lijk(t) `look like-1/3sg', moet `have to-1/3sg', mag `may-1/3sg', past `fit-3sg', pikt `prick-3sg', valt `fall-3sg', vin lekker `like-1sg', vin leuk `like-1sg', wil(t) `want-1/3sg', zie(t) `see-1/3sg'; b.