PILBDPaucity of Interlobular Bile Duct
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There were 3 cases each of PFIC (progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis) and PILBD (paucity of interlobular bile duct) which are being treated conservatively.
of cases (total 40) Idiopathic neonatal hepatits 20 CMV hepatitis 06 PFIC 03 PILBD 03 Choledochal cyst 02 Galactosemia 02 Tyrosinemia 02 Sepsis 02 Table 3: Triangular cord sign in BA and non BA group Biliary Atresia Non biliary atresia Triangular cord sign group (n=25) group (n=40) TC sign >4mm 20 01 TC sign <4mm 05 39 Table 4: HIDA scan in BA and non BA group Biliary atresia Non biliary atresia HIDA Scan group (n=25) group (n=40) Non-excretory (positive) 25 16 Excretory (negative) 0 24 Table 5: correlation of fibrosis score with TC sign Fibrosis score TC sign >4 mm TC sign <4mm Fibrosis score >3 18 01 Fibrosis score <3 02 04