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said Pierre, naively, who had listened attentively to the pilgrim.
He orders these pilgrims to be driven away, but she receives them.
If thou dost not betray me, Sancho," said the pilgrim, "I am safe; for in this dress no one will recognise me; but let us turn aside out of the road into that grove there where my comrades are going to eat and rest, and thou shalt eat with them there, for they are very good fellows; I'll have time enough to tell thee then all that has happened me since I left our village in obedience to his Majesty's edict that threatened such severities against the unfortunate people of my nation, as thou hast heard.
It was laughable, while we glanced along, as it were, at the tail of a thunderbolt, to observe two dusty foot travellers in the old pilgrim guise, with cockle shell and staff, their mystic rolls of parchment in their hands and their intolerable burdens on their backs.
I say,'' repeated the Pilgrim in a firm and strong voice, ``that the English chivalry were second to =none= who ever drew sword in defence of the Holy Land.
And it is a company of pilgrims such as this that Chaucer paints for us.
Praskovya Mikhaylovna pressed her hands to her withered breast, opened her mouth, and stood petrified, staring at the pilgrim with dilated eyes.
The first thing we struck that day was a procession of pilgrims.
In three separate directions, they were to set forth as pilgrims to the shrines of India.
I'll try to sing the song of the shepherd boy which the Pilgrims heard.
One of the vessels in the fleet was that same Mayflower which had carried the Puritan Pilgrims to Plymouth.
She has not kept up her faith straight along, but the pilgrims that wander hither consider that she has come near enough to it to save her, and so they point to the fact that Smyrna to-day wears her crown of life, and is a great city, with a great commerce and full of energy, while the cities wherein were located the other six churches, and to which no crown of life was promised, have vanished from the earth.