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PILIPublic Interest Law Institute (international civil rights organization; Budapest, Hungary)
PILIPublic Interest Law Initiative in Transitional Societies
PILIPassenger and Immigration List Index (genealogy)
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Nanay Merle says the secret is in the processing of pili so that it maintains its quality.
Genome analysis reveals pili in group B Streptococcus.
These findings contrast other studies that have associated curli pili as inducers of the immune system.
For more information about Gwyl Pili Pala Festival www.
Pili Pala director Shireen Grif-fiths has issued a statement through her solicitor.
The cheeky meerkats at Pili Palas, one of Anglesey's top family attraction, will keep the whole family amused Roll up, roll up for the Circus Skills Workshop at GreenWood Forest Park this Bank Holiday Weekend
The species makes use of the pili to offload electrons onto uranium particles, converting them from a form that easily dissolves in water into one that doesn't.
In 2008, PILI Fellow Sarmila Shrestha, a public interest lawyer for Pro Public, a non-profit based in Kathmandu, brought a case to the Supreme Court of Nepal to fight unjust workplace conditions in "cabin and dance" restaurants, where women and girls as young as 10 years old are forced to smoke, drink and perform sexual services.
Major filamentous structured adhesins, Type IV pili are retractile and mediate a mode of surface translocation termed twitching motility.
Pili and flagella; current research and future trends.
Goosebumps happen when the tiny muscles in each hair follicle, called arrector pili muscles, contract, says Dr.