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The core elements of the proposal reflected the 1998 PILPG proposal with necessary modification to account for the changed circumstances brought about by the NATO air campaign, Resolution 1244 and the establishment of UNMIK.
One of the flaws of the Goldstone proposal was that it did not seek the express renunciation of designs for a Greater Albania or a Greater Kosovo, or any commitments not to undertake territorial association with neighboring states as called for in the 1998 PILPG report.
The first commitment reflected a return to the original condition contained in the 1998 PILPG report and provided that Kosovo must explicitly renounce any claim to a Greater Albania or a Greater Kosovo.
The ICG proposal, which was firmly based in the PILPG and Goldstone precedent, extended the concept and argued for a renewed international trusteeship.
While the PILPG and Goldstone proposals focused substantial attention on the conditions for earned sovereignty, the ICG proposal was less adamant about the nature of the conditions, in part because it believed they should be negotiated by the parties concerned, and rather focused on the process of phasing sovereignty, while simultaneously resolving the question of final status.