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PIMASPlastik Insaat Malzemeleri, AS (Turkish: Plastic Construction Materials, AS; est. 1963)
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With the latter in mind, Stealing the Gila can be regarded as complementing three very important works on Pima history and society.
The story of the Pima world, then, like many Native worlds on this continent, is the story of a world violently thrown out of balance.
Yields of these cooler plants were higher than those from many other pima types, according to tests by John W.
At the same time, as is well known, the Pimas, similar to other indigenous nations, were under pressure to adapt to the dominant Anglo-American society.
Although the Pimas were suffering, as were all indigenous nations, from the consequences of settler communities soaking up resources, not to mention the heavy hand of the Indian Bureau oppressing their political freedoms, they still maintained their aboriginal right of occupancy, which came with inhabiting an area recognized by the federal government as being exclusively Pima land--land, more to the point, that the Pimas had regarded as theirs since time immemorial.
Tobacco played less of a traditional role in Pima and Maricopa societies, a fact that may help explain why Indians in Arizona smoke fewer cigarettes when they take up smoking, adds Barbara V.
However, the preliminary data revealed that the Pima and Maricopa have blood cholesterol values of approximately 175 mg/dl, a value that translates to a lower-than-average risk of heart disease.
Quoted in Ezell, "The Hispanic Acculturation of the Gila River Pimas," 75.
Ladies Union Mission School Association, among the Pimas, or the Mission to the Pima and Maricopa Indians (Albany NY: Ladies Union Mission School Association, 1893), 98.
Charles, who also works at NIDDK's Phoenix branch, reports that adult Pimas can develop moderately elevated blood sugar without gaining weight.
Now, evidence indicates that an early warning of Type II diabetes may appear among Pima children decades before the full-blown disease strikes.
And the Pima and Papago tribes prepare for another desert harvest.