PIMDPath Integral Molecular Dynamics
PIMDParticipatory Irrigation Management and Development (Cambodia)
PIMDPersonnel Information Management Division
PIMDPostgraduate Institute for Medicine and Dentistry (UK)
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I decided the best thing was to see what professionals were advising parents and caregivers of children with PIMD in a similar circumstance of recognizing their children's sexual awakening, and then to act on the advice given.
After reading and studying the advice given by professionals regarding the sexuality of persons with PIMD, it left me bewildered and perplexed and, in a sense, in a "no man's land.
Thirdly, I felt I had a duty and responsibility not only to my child, but to all the other children with PIMD, whose sexuality and sexual expression was not recognised.
It is worth mentioning that there are a few articles by professionals concerning persons with PIMD who had no capacity to understand or provide consent but this was mainly in the context of sexual abuse by parents, caregivers, friends or strangers.
The reason why almost all parents and caregivers ignore or fail to recognise the sexuality of children with PIMD is complex and varied but some of the main reasons are:
Parents and caregivers are so overwhelmed by the basic daily care of children with PIMD that they cannot even consider the sexuality of their profoundly disabled and dependent child.
In April 2014, PIMD International received a license by the DEA to receive, store and ship Schedule 3 through Schedule 5 formulary pharmaceuticals as well as state licenses in Florida and Pennsylvania.
PIMD International serves as a pharmaceutical wholesaler to pharmacies, hospitals, and physician's offices in the US and provides ScripsAmerica's customers with access to specific medications for its end users.
The PIMD RFID reader module features a user-friendly document-holding clip and standard PC-SC interface to support biometric reading.
21 October 2013 - US pharmaceutical distributor ScripsAmerica Inc (OTCBB:SCRC) on Monday said it had agreed to buy local prescription drugs and medical products distributor PIMD International LLC for an undisclosed amount.
PIMD, founded by Vanessa Gonzalez, is headquartered in Miami, Florida.
Country: USASector: Pharmaceuticals, Wholesale/RetailTarget: PIMD International LLC Buyer: ScripsAmerica Inc Vendor: Vanessa GonzalezType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed