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PIMIPrincipal, Interest, Mortgage Insurance
PIMIPsychophysiological Investigations of Myocardial Ischemia (psychosomatic medicine)
PIMIPolymer Industry Media International (plastics; Iran)
PIMIPrimary Industry Market Indicator
PIMIPreinactivation Material Inspection
PIMIPeople's Independent Media Initiative
PIMIProvost Initiative on Minority Issues (University of Chicago)
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Danzhong lu was written by Lu Renlong PIMI (15871666), the younger of the Lu brothers whose publishing house, Zhengxiao guan ono in Hangzhou, was among the most active printing agents of the late Ming era.
Smith 1853 PIME Pinnularia microstauron (Ehrenberg) Cleve 1891 PIMI Pinnularia subcapitata Gregory 1856 PISU Pinnularia tabellaria Ehrenberg 1843 PITB Pinnularia stomatophora (Grunow in Schmidt et al.