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As far as genital characters are concerned, the differences between Taira, Amaurobius, Callobius, and Pimus with Tamgrinia include: the absence of an embolic supporter and tegular membranous apophysis, the unsclerotized conductor of the male palp, the epigynal atrial split, the absence of a septal sclerite, the connected copulatory ducts, and the nearly ball-like spermathecae of the female epigynum.
The features shared by Taira, Amaurobius, Callobius, and Pimus are: the striped small hood of the trichobothria, the presence of "modified spigots," and the presence of paracribellar spigots on both posterior lateral spinnerets and posterior median spinnerets (Wang & Ran 2004).
Timber recovery from pruned Pimus radiata butt logs at Mangatu: Effect of log sweep.
Ultrastructural changes in naturally aged Pimus pinea seeds.
In examining those structures, we found that the striated texture of the small trichobothrial hood, plus the presence of PMS paracribellar spigots and PLS modified spigot (amaurobiid PLS spigot of Wang 2000), are unique and define Amaurobius (the type genus of the family) and related genera including, at least, Callobius Chamberlin 1947, Pimus Chamberlin 1947 and Taira Lehtinen 1967.