PINBPowiatowy Inspektor Nadzoru Budowlanego (Poland)
PINBPowiatowego Inspektoratu Nadzoru Budowlanego (Polish: District Construction Supervision Inspectorate; Poznan, Poland)
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To establish protein expression levels for all experimental lines, the puroindoline proteins PINA and PINB were extracted from mature seeds using a Triton X-114 method (Giroux et al.
20(]4) reported that total puroindoline content did not correlate well with changes in grain hardness unless both functional PINA and PINB were present.
Abbreviations: ANCOVA, analysis of covariance; ANOVA, analysis of variance; CS, `Chinese Spring'; G x E, genotype x environment; GSP, grain softness protein; PINA, PINB, puroindoline a and b proteins; RCBD, randomized complete block design; RFLP, restriction fragment length polymorphism; SKCS, single kernel characterization system.