PINCPeople, Ideas, Nature, Creativity (Netherlands)
PINCPrinting Industries of Northern California
PINCPermaculture Institute of Northern California (Point Reyes Station, CA)
PINCPotential Incident of Noncompliance
PINCProgramma Instandhouding Nucleaire Competentie (Dutch nuclear energy knowledge preservation program)
PINCProperty Income Certificate
PINCPartnerships, Initiatives, Networks, and Coalitions
PINCProduction Information & News Committee
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PINC provides scalable software, hardware, and services that enable companies to identify, locate, and orchestrate inventory through the supply chain predictably and cost-effectively.
Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine, a user manual for supply and demand chain transformation, has recognised PINC, the provider of yard management system, finished vehicle logistics, and inventory robotics solutions to brands worldwide, as a recipient of an SDCE 100 Award for 2017.
PINC Sarasota is a one-day event featuring an exceptional cast of accomplished international speakers who come to share their expertise in a wide variety of fields, a passion for progress and an unrelenting faith in the power of innovation.
PINC Air is autonomous in that it takes off and lands from the same location automatically, with obstructions in its light path automatically detected and avoided.
Also considering that on a panIndia basis 80% of the households still do not own a two wheeler and 40%of the population have no mode of transport, saturation in demand for twowheelers is still some years away, the PINC report said.
WFLA members will automatically be made PINC members and a resource team will ensure that education, savings through group purchasing, new sales opportunities and networking are met.
I would like to personally thank Food Logistics' team for recognizing PINC as a top software and technology provider.
Yearling says PINC has also placed RFID tags on trailers to enable trailer tracking between points in a supply chain.
According to the analyst firm, PINC's Best Practices Award is a very strong indicator to employees, investors, customers, and the public that PINC has superior solutions and a viable strategy in the autonomous inventory robotics market.
The PINC contributes to the implementation of the Energy Union strategy, by looking into relevant Member States' investments from the perspective of safety, security of supply, diversification, technological and industrial leadership"