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PINGPacket Internet Groper (common meaning, but probably not correct)
PInGPrinceton Internet Group, Inc.
PINGPartimage Is Not Ghost (Linux)
PINGProcess-Improvement Networking Group
PINGParent Involvement Network Group
PINGPuck In Net: Goal!
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Ping Express uses disruptive technology to make it possible for users to send money to loved ones or vendors in diaspora, from wherever they are at any time of day or night.
PING THE RESCUE OF EDEN describes how Ping the frog is concerned about imbalances in Eden Pond that drive him to help lead a world stricken by climate change back to harmony.
Despite Ping Pong's efforts over the last 6 months, the scale of the financial deficit accumulated during the prior administration, and worsened by the ANVISA (Brazilian Health Agency) strike, finally led to the closure of the two restaurants in Brazil.
Ping An Group Deputy General Manager Gu Min Ping channels will no longer serve as chairman.
We have taken Ping into protective custody after protests erupted in the company when Pakistani labourers saw him throwing the belongings of a Pakistani worker including the Koran," Sardar Gulfraz, a senior police official, told AFP.
Reynolds said: "I was hoping As Time Slips By and Horseshoe Ping would turn unscathed, but Ping just dragged the heels of my other one.
Ping Ping looked up and said of her legs: "They're very beautiful.
Fortis also said the three-year memorandum of understanding it signed with Ping An last November regarding Ping An's original acquisition gives Ping An certain rights as a shareholder.
Ping, who serves as Gabon foreign minister, was quoted as telling Kawaguchi that the United Nations needs to reflect today's world, not that of 1945 when it was established.
Companies of all sizes want the benefits of transparent user management and seamless single sign-on for their business-critical resources -- whether for on-premises applications or a SaaS-based solution like Salesforce," said Roger Oberg, vice president of Marketing for Ping Identity.
The nation s first cross-border structured finances for non-residents for China s Ping An Lease is arranged by the Korea Development Bank.
After a 2-year hiatus, Ming & Ping offer new full-length album for pre-sale in digital and vinyl formats