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PINGERSPeople In Need of Graduation, Education, Relaxation and Sex (common slang at US military tech schools) :-)
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Eaglescliffe A unfortunately could only field an under strength side against Northfield Pingers with Chris Rayner stepping up from the second division to cover.
One scientist said as soon as he saw the frequency and the distance between the pings he knew it couldn't be the aircraft pinger.
The towed pinger locator (TPL), used in search vessels scouring through the waters in the southern Indian Ocean, had detected certain 'pings' in different locations in the ocean last month.
Observers record information for each set, including location, presence, and functionality of pingers, and bycatch of protected species.
By attaching "pingers" to the nets of commercial fishing boats, marine mammals are alerted to the net's presence without scaring away targeted fish species such as cod.
Northfield Belatrojo continued their good run with the third 8-2 win of the night over Northfield Pingers. John Crawford took the MOTM award with three fine wins.
11 ( ANI ): An Australian sea patrol aircraft has detected a possible black box signal in the same area where Ocean Shield detected four pingers in search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
The black boxes' locator beacons, known as pingers, emit signals for 30 days after the crash.
Hadjichristoforou said that unsuccessful experiments with pingers (acoustic devices which transmit a signal in order to dissuade mammals from approaching) were conducted several years ago.
And after in-depth consultations with conservationists they homed in on a system of ``marine pingers''.