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PINGOProcedural Interface for Grib Formatted Objects
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iBasis and Pingo are registered marks, The iBasis Network and the global VoIP company are trademarks of iBasis, Inc.
The new Pingo Business service provides SMBs with a much-needed means to defray high telecommunications costs.
Also, LinkShare Corporation has named Pingo a member of its "Premium Partner Program.
Ten studied cowpea cultivars are part of a breeding program of Embrapa Mid-North (BRS Guariba; BRS Potengi; BRS Itaim; BRS 17 Gurgueia; BRS Arace; Paulistinha; Pingo de Ouro; BRS Maratana; Costela de Vaca and Canapu Branco), and were evaluated under two salinity levels (0.
The permafrost community thus knows him best for his work on ice wedges and pingos, but his expertise on terrain conditions in the western Arctic was perhaps of more immediate material significance.
En dias posteriores, los aficionados infernales calmaron sus animos, luego de que el dueno del equipo Alfredo Harp Helo informara acerca de una sede alterna para la campana 2015--entre las opciones menciono el estadio Fray Nano, al que se le harian adaptaciones para recibir a los fanaticos de Diablos--, y la mejor de las noticias: que los pingos no saldrian de la capital porque se construiria para el 2016 un nuevo campo de batalla con un costo aproximado de 35 millones de dolares en la Magdalena Mixhuca para recibir de 10 mil a 12 mil personas.
The kittens Primrose, Patrick, Petunia, Puddy, Peaches, Patricia and Pingo
Pingo is an Inuit word for the conical hills caused by frost heave typical to the Mackenzie River Delta in the Northwest Territories near Tuktoyaktuk.
Portuguese retailer Pingo Doce and their packer ELS Lda have recently introduced Amcor TapeTop[R] for their fresh cut herbs.
Unlike traditional calling plans, prepaid calling cards, international calling cards and other VoIP services, Pingo allows consumers to purchase minutes on an as-needed basis and make calls from any fixed or mobile phone.
There are favourites such as Is This the Way to Amarillo, Hey Baby, Ketchup Song, Ghostbusters, Three Lions and The Fast Food Song, themes from Power Rangers, Pokemon, Winx Club and Pingo, a Grease Party Megamix and not only Chico but also PJ & Duncan.
Granddam Ballyvalican similarly established a rapport with I'm Slippy's dynasty, her coupling with the 1983 Derby champion himself having yielded Slipaway Jaydee, who was the 1994 Laurels victor, while from her litter by his son Darragh Commet came the 1996 Produce Stakes third Pingo.