PINSPPrinciple Inspector
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The 2,072 slots for special/meritorious promotion, meanwhile, is spread by rank, as follows: 14 for PSUPT; 8 for PCINSP; 11 for PSINSP; 24 for PINSP; 130 for SPOIV; 86 for SPOIII; 166 for SPOII; 243 for SPOI; 524 for POIII; and 866 for POII.
On the day of the procedure (day 21), [F.sub.i][O.sub.2] on the ventilator was 0.6, and Pinsp was set at 17 mBar and PEEP at 5 mBar, resulting in tidal volumes of about 450 ml and minute ventilation of approximately 9.2 l/min.
The 29 SAF members who were promoted to the next higher rank are as follows: PSINSP Rix Villareal, PINSP Recaredo Marasigan, SPO4 Bill Fernando Jumalon, SPO2 Hamidhan Tebbeng, SPO1 Allan Franco, SPO1 Ryan Temporada, SPO1 Reunaldo Tubog, PO3 Rommelo Magno, PO3 Darwin Rama, PO3 Arnil Ruiz, PO3 Albinar Samson, PO3 Juanito Yogyog, PO2 Solomon Agayso, PO2 Adolfo Andrada, PO2 Dioscoro Basanez, PO2 Carlos Bocaig, PO2 Ard Dulnuan, PO2 Christopher Lalan, PO2 Dominick Likingan, PO2 Jovalyn Lozano, PO2 Jose Mana-Ar, Jr., PO2 Anson Posot, PO2 Warither Jay Rebucas, PO1 Clifford Agayyong, PO1 Victory Fernandez, PO1 John Mariel Galvo, PO1 Eugene Macasasa, PO1 Yaulamidin Reniedo, and PO1 Jessie Surio.
The Ongpin Outpost led by PInsp. Arnaldo Manzon then coordinated with the owner of the establishment.