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Weller imbibed at a draught, at least two-thirds of a newly-arrived pint, and handed it over to his son, to dispose of the remainder, which he instantaneously did.
Upon all little pints o' breedin', I know I may trust you as vell as if it was my own self.
They found by my eating that a small quantity would not suffice me; and being a most ingenious people, they slung up, with great dexterity, one of their largest hogsheads, then rolled it towards my hand, and beat out the top; I drank it off at a draught, which I might well do, for it did not hold half a pint, and tasted like a small wine of Burgundy, but much more delicious.
In the pint decanter of sherry, not a drop remained.
If you don't feel sure of your Pints of the Compass, come in to me and I'll put you right again." He winked benevolently, whistled to the dogs, and hobbled off.
You would hardly meet with a man who goes beyond his four pints at the utmost.
According to the research, the average cost of a pint in Hanoi is an unbelievable 75p, while the average pint in UK cities like Manchester, Newcastle or Birmingham will set you back [pounds sterling]4.34 - a making it a whopping 479 per cent more expensive.
Regulars at the Wetherspoons pay PS3.29 less for the bevvy than the average of PS5.18 a pint in London.
An average pint in the city costs [pounds sterling]4.44, whereas the average price in Britain is [pounds sterling]3.69.
between a pint of beer But to come man and pint of beer another.
After us, Sweden charges the second-highest rate at 53p a pint.