PIOCParallel Input Output Control
PIOCPrice Index of Operating Costs (housing; New York)
PIOCPetrie Island Outdoors Club (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
PIOCParallel Input/Output Controller
PIOCPrivilege Illegal Operations Channel (Alcatel)
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Pioc said his office is now coordinating with relevant offices and agencies for the realization of the program, noting that the conduct of drug testing entail expenses.
The case findings have been thoroughly discussed correlating to the normal clinicopathological features of PIOC in oral and maxillofacial region.
- During the past 6-mths, Cherat Cement's (CHCC) absolute price performance of 30.1% has outperformed the benchmark KSE-100 index by 30% and Pioneer Cement's (PIOC) by 18%.
Primary intraosseous carcinoma (PIOC) is a very rare but well known entity affecting the jaw bones.
The PIOC measures the price changes in a basket of expense items that represents the costs involved in running a rent stabilized building in New York City.
It was the 54.8 percent boost in fuel costs this winter that spurred the jump in the overall PIOC to 7.8 percent.
The Rent Stabilization Association, for instance, has also called for recompiling the PIOC, rather than making adjustments based only from year to year.
In the early 1990's, when inflation created double digit PIOC numbers, owners were told the RGB would "make it up" to them in the future, and rents were increased by only small amounts.
One of the trends is that while fuel still makes up 6 to 7 percent of the cost of operations, water costs are almost as high in many buildings, but the PIOC only adjusts from the year before, and the basket compilation has not been thoroughly and statistically rethought going back to the initial rent stabilization beginnings in 1969.
By measuring and aggregating many types of cost changes - real estate taxes, attorney fees, toilet seats, and dozens of other items - the PIOC shows how landlords' "cost of living" has changed in the previous year.
"That's aside from the increase which is so modest and doesn't bear upon the PIOC [price index] increase of 4.7 percent," he said.