PIOPParamagnetic Iron Oxide Particle (biochemistry)
PIOPProfessional Industrial Organizational Psychologist Network
PIOPProfessional in Ondersteunende Processen (Dutch: Professional Support Processes)
PIOPPublic Information and Outreach Plan (Wisconsin)
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The ECT test cards were prepared from ecarin (Centerchem), calcium, PIOP, buffers, and stabilizers.
5) LOT is the point at which the PIOP oscillation amplitude starts to increase again (Fig.
Dry chemistry plasminogen test cards were prepared by assembling the test card device and injecting 24 [micro]L of a solution [containing 1500 U/L thrombin, 500 000 U/L tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA), 500 000 U/L urokinase, PIOP, salts, buffers, and stabilizers] into the card chamber, freezing the card/reagent mixture, and lyophilizing the test card to yield the dry chemistry formulation.