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PIPERProstate Implant Planning Engine for Radiotherapy (artificial intelligence)
PIPERPre-Toddler Inhalable Particulate Environmental Robotic
PIPERPaper Input Processed as an Electronic Return
PIPERPulse Intense Plasma for Exploratory Research
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Piper Jaffray Finance will primarily underwrite middle-market loans between USD 75 million and USD 250 million for firms with EBITDA of USD 15 million or higher.
The jet manufacturer has revealed that this agreement allows ATP to get as many as 100 airplanes of Piper brand.
The new season is expected to feature the friction in Piper and Alex's relationship and Piper's phone call will play a key role in that.
A prolific painter and printmaker almost until his death in 1992, Piper also designed stained glass, tapestries and theatre sets, but architecture and topography were paramount.
He spoke on climate change and its potential impact on business globally in advance of the 'Cooling the Planet' conference organised by DLA Piper in Sheffield, where former US Vice President Al Gore was the keynote speaker.
At home, Piper armed himself with a shotgun and locked his vehicles and outside buildings, reported the Paris News.
Allan Piper served in the militia before the war and became the first man to enlist in the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders at the outbreak of war.
The art that typically arises in these arenas is perhaps best described, to borrow the title of a 1976 Piper work, as Art for the Art World Surface Pattern, which was, not quite incidentally, positioned near the entrance of the foundation's retrospective.
Augmenting the rapturous work of Piper, the book features the extensive essay "Witness at the Crossroads," by Kobena Mercer.
But sometimes a group of beetle larvae horns in on the ants' turf, infiltrating the piper and rapidly destroying the symbiosis between ant and plant.
The Paris-based firm will assist Piper Jaffray in the distribution of US equity research in Europe and furthermore, Piper Jaffray will assist Kepler Cheuvreux in the distribution of European equity research in the US While the initial partnership is founded on equity research distribution, it may be expanded to other business areas.