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PIPIPersatuan Insinyur Profesional Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Professional Engineer Association)
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Pipi worked in TV production before deciding to push her creativity in a different direction.
He'd be straddled midway between the two, yelling that he had to "fare pipi" and Id be screaming for the nurse, who would finally run over and tell him to fare pipi, in his pannolino, that's what its for.
The special attractions of the festival included the Nuni Pipi dance of the Adi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, Cheraw dance from Mizoram, display of warrior skills of the Thang-ta and Maibang dance of Manipur, the graceful moves of Wangala dance reflected the best of the culture from each North East state.
CURIOSITY almost killed Pipi the cat - but the moggy was saved by vets after he devoured a ball of string.
En el dormitorio de la universidad circulan leyendas sobre Nagasawa: Que tiene un pipi enorme y que se ha tirado, con sus 20 anos, a mas de 100 mujeres .
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-April 21, 2011-Internet television company Ku6 to merge with Pipi.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 21, 2011-Internet television company Ku6 to merge with Pipi.
Canto 89-3 Mangkana manis i manis niramaca palambang amuwuhi lango, Sri Jinatanu sira harsajamuji tekap nira kawi dahaten, Cumbu sumarasah asung sepah ri waja pangrena nira wekasan, Sambyangareki pipi tan besur tinikelan halis asemu madhu.
It had taken my partner, Pipi, and me 14 hours on a plane and two days on a train to reach this town of 27,000, situated very near the center of the Australian continent (and almost 1,000 miles from the nearest major city).
Tutarul filmeaza, apare si Pipi Erectilosu, omul-bomba a lu' stim noi cine, de la F.
organo genital masculino: bichito (1), huevos (12), picha (18), picha parada (1), pelotas (2), pilin (1), pilon (1), pinga (4), pipi (1), pito (1), polla (1), salchichon (1), santa chota (1), verga (1).
Some of the migratory birds most vulnerable to pollution include the Siberian cranes, greater flamingo, ruff, blackwinged stilt, common greenshank, northern pintail, yellow & white wagtail, northern shoveler, gadwall, black- tailed godwit, spotted redshank, starling and long- billed pipi.