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PIPIPersatuan Insinyur Profesional Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Professional Engineer Association)
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Fed and watered, Pipi and her pack respond to the calls of our mushers, hauling back through fresh spring snow to the resort, snaking through tree-lined tracks and out across the lake.
Obras como Maja yo (Figura 3) ou o triptico Lavando o Pipi todas somos Marias, de 2000 (Figura 1), detem claras conotacoes a condicao feminina.
A mesma discussao esta presente nos livros Aninha e Joao (4), que questiona as diferencas de educacao de meninas e meninos, e em Ceci tem pipi? (5), no qual o menino Max divide o mundo entre os com-pipi e os sem-pipi.
In the Waima ranges, there was a pipi shelter on the mountains, and the kuia used to talk about the fair skinned people up there.
Des kilometres de reveurs sous chaque drapeau, des reveurs jeunes et excites, des vieux fatigues, des enfants a moitie endormis, des femmes en sueur, des reveurs qui veulent faire pipi en maudissant leur reve, et d'autres beats et qui fonctionnent par telecommande.
Another excellent title by the same author is "About Pipi (Pee Pee) and Poo Poo and Beyond" (9780615467344, $12.00) a similar, cartoon-style book intended to help children and parents better understand and deal with bowel and bladder issues.
Yn yr Iseldiroedd maen nhw'n ceisio annog merched i wneud pipi ar eu sefyll ac mae'r Tsieiniaid yn sgwennu cerddi o gwmpas drysau eu toiledau.
He'd be straddled midway between the two, yelling that he had to "fare pipi" and Id be screaming for the nurse, who would finally run over and tell him to fare pipi, in his pannolino, that's what its for.
The special attractions of the festival included the Nuni Pipi dance of the Adi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, Cheraw dance from Mizoram, display of warrior skills of the Thang-ta and Maibang dance of Manipur, the graceful moves of Wangala dance reflected the best of the culture from each North East state.