PIPIAPatent & Intellectual Property Intermediaries Association
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17) La signora Pipia Ernestina vedova Locicero ci tenne a precisare che non faceva l'affittacammari di professione.
"As a result of worsening trends and high dependence on external wholesale funding the risk premiums that Turkish issuers must pay on their external borrowing over the coming 12-18 months could increase, although some leading banks have comfortable liquidity resources to weather the pressure," Pipia stated.
Varcasia, A., Jia, W.Z., Yan, H.B., Manunta, M.L., Pipia, A.P., Garippa, G., Scala, A.
Other delegates from the Georgian side included Minister of Agriculture, Shalva Pipia, and the director of Georgia's National Investment Agency, George Pertaia.
On October 15, Armenian Agriculture Minister Sergo Karapetyan received his Georgian counterpart Shalva Pipia,
Puesto que esta obra esta dedicada, en buena parte, a los Maestros Generales de la Orden de Predicadores, tal vez seria interesante estudiar la vida y obra de Fray Agustin Pipia que--como bien se destaca en la p.
Slovenian banks' asset quality will be dealt a blow by the operating environment, although its deterioration will decelerate relative to the past years, according to Moody's analyst Irakli Pipia. The analyst voiced concerns over the banks' limited capital buffers, given the expected further erosion in asset quality and the tough conditions.
The "collective writing workshop bib(h)icante" was formed at the turn of the millennium by Donald Datti, Gabriele Pipia, Gianluca Seimandi, and Fabrizio Venerandi, and continued its work--with some defections--for most of the first decade of this century.
Under them were their 'dogs', those who sniffed out and brought back to the 'colonels' discarded betelnut skins, nail clippings and other pipia, which allowed the sorcerer to capture a person's soul.
"Bank Asya's creditors face two outcomes -- either a transfer of ownership to a successful bidder or the bank is liquidated and its banking license withdrawn," says Irakli Pipia, a VP - Senior Credit Officer at Moody's.